Years ago I bought a 100% cotton quilt (including the batting) with scalloped edges at Domestications for $99.  King size, because I always like quilts and comforters that drape like blankets.  I still have it, though it's now shredded to the batting after being through zillions of washes.  But when I look around for a replacement, I find it's actually a trick to find 100% cotton quilts that look good and - this is the catch - have 100% cotton fill.  I think I've gotten a nice selection together here, and will add to it as I find more. Just to remind you, I may earn commissions on these links, thus enabling this blog to keep on keeping on.

Before the quilts, though, I had a reader request cotton percale duvet covers. I found them! Royal makes this duvet cover. Significantly more expensive are the ThomasLee PerfectCale duvet covers (see my comments on Thomas Lee elsewhere on this blog.)

OK, this is a neat bargain in my view - an all-cotton king quilt (including the fill - just the bonus pillows  have polyester in them.  It's also available in twin and full/queen sizes.

I mean, it's seriously old-fashioned and just gorgeous.  At the time of this writing, one customer on even uploaded a picture of the quilt on a canopy bed, and it looks fantastic and makes me want to cozy up.  I do wish I had the space and time to begin quilting, because my spouse always, ALWAYS robs me of my Domestications quilt.

I don't know if I've mentioned it a lot in this blog, but I'm starting to learn to sew clothing and have begun to design my own fabric, and it's this basic kind of quilt that I find almost inspiring enough to start quilting.  (Actually, I did start hand-sewing random pieces of extra cotton scraps together, but that was something of a disaster.  Maybe I'll upload pics one day if there's interest in some comic relief on this blog.)

This cotton quilt is fairly girly-girl, but not over the top, and is scalloped on the edge like the one I bought yea those many years ago. I'm not 100% confident the fill is cotton, though, as the description doesn't specify, though it does say explicitly a couple of times "100 percent cotton." So it SHOULD be filled with cotton batting if all's right in the universe.

For a more "boy's boy" quilt, here's a cute cowboy number with matching shams.

So that's what I have right now.  I'll add to these when I can.  If you have any suggestions, please do tell here!