Years ago I bought a 100% cotton quilt (including the batting) with scalloped edges at Domestications for $99.  King size, because I always like quilts and comforters that drape like blankets.  I still have it, though it's now shredded to the batting after being through zillions of washes.  But when I look around for a replacement, I find it's actually a trick to find 100% cotton quilts that look good and - this is the catch - have 100% cotton fill.  I think I've gotten a nice selection together here, and will add to it as I find more. Just to remind you, I may earn commissions on these links, thus enabling this blog to keep on keeping on.

Before the quilts, though, I had a reader request cotton percale duvet covers. I found them! Royal makes this duvet cover. Significantly more expensive are the ThomasLee PerfectCale duvet covers (see my comments on Thomas Lee elsewhere on this blog.)

Here's a pretty and inexpensive quilt with a 100% cotton fill and cover. The catch? This one does NOT come in full size or XL sizes, only standard twin, queen, and king.

OK, this is a neat bargain in my view - an all-cotton king quilt (including the fill - just the bonus pillows  have polyester in them.  It's also available in twin and full/queen sizes.

I think this one is seriously old-fashioned and gorgeous.  At the time of this writing, one customer on Amazon.com even uploaded a picture of the quilt on a canopy bed, and it looks fantastic and makes me want to cozy up.

I do wish I had the space and time to begin quilting, because my spouse always, ALWAYS robs me of my Domestications quilt. (Update August 2017: That quilt from Domestications is now officially DEAD. It lasted us many years, but our washer just wrenched the heck out of it. So when budget allows, we're going to have to replace it. I'll let you know the results.)

This cotton quilt is fairly girly-girl, but not over the top, and is scalloped on the edge like the one I bought yea those many years ago. I'm not 100% confident the fill is cotton, though, as the description doesn't specify, though it does say explicitly a couple of times "100 percent cotton." So it SHOULD be filled with cotton batting if all's right in the universe.

For a more "boy's boy" quilt, here's a cute cowboy number with matching shams.

So that's what I have right now.  I'll add to these when I can.  If you have any suggestions, please do tell here!

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  1. Does anyone know where I can find a vintage Rachel Ashwell Simply Shabby Chic British Rose blue patchwork quilt in a king size? Thanks.