About Me

Chris Telden is my pen name.  I'm really into being comfortable.  I love nice sheets but don't love spending a lot.

I live in the U.S. in the Pacific Northwest, where it's cool and damp most of the year.  I've also lived in the southeast, where it's hot and damp more often than not, and in the midwest, where half the year it's freezing and dry, and the other half it's hot and damp.

Basically, I've lived my entire life in wet, cold, yucky, or too hot weather.  And I really, really love cool cotton sheets when that weather is warm, and  flannel sheets when it's cold.  But not crappy stuff.  Stuff that feels good and that lasts.

I have a Spoonflower shop that features my fabric designs.

I also have slogans and my own graphic designs for sale at my store on Zazzle.