Some new vintage sheets I got off eBay

As promised, here's a preview of some of the vintage crisp cotton percale (and muslin, my new discovery) sheets I managed to snag off of eBay, no pun intended! These photos were taken with a camera that's 14 years old that has just conked out on me, so forgive the mediocre quality of the images.  (New camera hopefully on my way, and the first thing I'm going to test out on it guessed it, bed linens!  I think I may be taking this obsession too far...)

Anyway, these are all awesome sheets!  Every one of them is all cotton, crisp and snappy and cool.  Some of them are turning out somewhat rough (especially the muslin) but it's a "good rough," if that makes sense.  More on that later.  So these are all double/full size or twin.  Except for the lace-trimmed one below, they were all new in the package.

Also, I have some surprising tips for you based on stuff I've learned just in the few weeks I've been shopping.

For example, vintage sheets folks list on eBay often come from estate sales.  They are bought by dealers, some of them professional, some not, and the dealers then list them for sale, sometimes years after buying them.  The only information they have on the sheets is what's on the package and what their eyes, hands, nose, and expertise tell them.

But the expertise of the dealers varies widely.  Few people are experts on antique or vintage linens.  Certain things consistently get misrepresented or are left vague.  I have lots of stories to tell from having gotten "burned" four or five times just buying sheets and pillowcases!  (But luckily, each time the seller did the "right" thing, whether it was paying for my return shipping and a refund, or offering a partial refund if I wanted to keep the item.)

Anyway, I will be posting more updates and pics soon.

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  1. Hello, I recently bought a storage unit from an auction containing plenty of new in original wrapping vintage bed sheets. Some brands include Lady Pepperell fine muslin, Cannon Fashion Muslin, Utica, Edgemont, and Morgan Jones. I know nothing about their worth because most I am not able to find them on etsy/ebay/amazon. What would you suggest for finding more information on vintage bed sheets made from the brands listen above?