The Drawback to Crisp Percale Sheets

We've been sleeping on our new crisp percale sheets for many months now, and with the summer weather, I can confirm that I love, love, love them.  We're cooler, yet cozier than ever, because we're still able to have the sheets tucked over us even when the weather gets steamy. We bought our sheets from several different places, and although I have my favorites, I'm really happy with all of them, especially the ones we got from Land's End (most of which seem, unfortunately, to be no longer in stock there - we got ours at deep discounts).

There are, however, a few drawbacks I hadn't thought of, especially when you have a youngun' who crawls all over the bed:

  • Crumbs.  With smooth, crisp percale, you feel every little crumb that finds its way onto your sheets.  Luckily, because there's very little tooth when the cotton isn't combed (I only like combed cotton sometimes, for its warmth in the winter) the crumbs just slide right off with a little flick of your hand.
  • Noisy.  Some sheets are so crisp that every wrinkle can be heard from ten feet away.  If you sleep with someone who's a restless sleeper, those may not be for you.
  • Absorption.  If you're a write-and-draw-in-bed type of person, like I am, then you'll find out quickly that percale cotton sheets absorb permanent pen and marker like nobody's business.  Stray marks begin to populate the sheet like cats on heat.  But I tell myself that makes them look like they've been in the family for years.
  • Storage.  We were so falling-down-glad to find these that we got many different sheets and pillowcases in several colors and now have to find storage for them all.  I'm no expert at folding sheets, so they have a pretty large footprint.  A new shelving system soon took care of that...!
Despite the cons, these sheets make sleeping so much nicer. I actually find that I disturb my sleeping spouse less when I get up ten thousand times in the middle of the night because the sleep is more restful.


  1. How about the 60/40, cotton/polyester Mainstay sheets at
    Walmart. I absolutely love them in white!!!

    1. my mom gave me the most lovely sheets a fee yeas ago and I cannot find another pair like them, anywhere. They are Spring brand. 50/50 cotton/poly blend, no iron and no pilling, They are so cooooool and soooooft and smoooooth!! When I sleep on them I sleep like a child again. They are a dusty rose color so they may be from the 80's :) But this search has become a treasure hunt, Holy Grail of sorts in the pursuit of the best feeling sheets around...if any one has any information on where I might be able to find Springs made sheets I would be so forever grateful!! Thank you and sweet dreams!! Oh, yes, and thank you for a lovely blog!!

    2. Can anyone recommend any heavy, crisp sheets that wrinkle? Yes, I want the kind that my mother and grandmother used to have.......not liquid silk or liquid water or even ultra smooth and soft. Everyone is commenting on brands that they love but are no longer sold. Can anyone recommend some heavier, crisp sheets that are sold NOW! I've tried the 60/40 cotton/polyester Mainstay sheets mentioned above and found them much too thin and they "pilled" too.

    3. I just bought the 250 TC Pinzon sheets from Amazon and love them! They are heavy and crisp. I have been drying them outside in the hot Georgia sun and they are a delight to crawl into at night. I bought mine in gold since they white was not available until Jan 2018