To the Reader Who Asked About Offloading Vintage Sheets

I had a request many months ago from a reader who had some vintage sheets of the kind we talk about here. She was interested in selling them and wanted to know how she could connect with buyers.  I promised her an answer, then promptly had health issues that intruded on my blogging. This is both an apology to her and a quick summary of what I know about selling your vintage stuff like unused sheets and linens from decades ago.

  • My first tip is not to make informal arrangements with people. Use established venues that assure buyers of a trusted transaction.
  • My second tip is to sell online, not locally in a consignment shop. You'll sell faster and get better prices because your market is a niche market who misses old-fashioned crisp sheets - and there are more of those on the Internet than in your direct region.
  • You can sell on That is the first place I'd recommend trying, because there are a lot of interested buyers, it's easy to set up an account, you can sell on both a small and a large scale, and there's a lot of community help and support. I used to sell my original jewelry on eBay and I have sold other collectibles there as well.
  • You can sell on  That is the second place I would go, because it's a nice user interface and I've bought from there repeatedly and found their help section the clearest of any selling website ever. I haven't sold anything on Etsy, but it's on my radar.
  • You can sell on as a third-party seller, believe it or not.  Their rules are fairly stringent and it's a bit of a learning curve.  Not really for the casual seller. Not good for selling sheets that have been used, just for true "new old stock."
  • You can sell on  This is more of a commitment and business investment.  I used to sell my jewelry there, too. It's not for casual selling.
  • There are other websites - many of them - but I have no experience with them and so cannot recommend them.  There are a lot of potential problems with newer shopping venues, and I tend to be very selective.

I hope that helps start you off if you happen to be one of the lucky ones that has a supply of those old cool cotton sheets we all used to use. Good luck!


  1. In my desperate search for good percale sheets, I was delighted to find some at an Estate Sale in an old, but upscale neighborhood. Also had some luck at a resale shop that was dedicated to raising funds for schools or scholarships. You have to look them over carefully but it's worth the time and effort to just find a couple of sheets. I appreciate all your tips and research, too!

  2. I too am looking for crisp cool sheets!!