Old Fashioned All Cotton Quilts With 100% Cotton Batting

I'm unfortunately not a quilter; the closest I've come to a hand-sewn quilt was the tummy-time quilt and bed quilt sewn by my uncle's fiance for our baby a few years back.  But over six years ago I bought an all-cotton king size quilt with a zig-zag hem and old-fashioned patchwork design from Domestications for $100.  I still have it and it's going strong, even after several trips into the washer and numerous bleachings.  I love that quilt.

Quilts are an ideal top layer in colder weather.  Because of the way they're sewn - i.e., quilted - the batting doesn't clump.  If you have kids or pets or like to snack in bed, you know the top bed cover will always get stained, and quilts made of 100% cotton, including the batting, can tolerate a certain amount of chlorine bleach.   Plus they look homey and inviting and, as I know all-too well, are thick enough to hastily  mask an unmade bed...!

I'll always buy a quilt one size larger than my bed, because quilts are sized to drape, but not to reach the floor like a bedspread.  So a King size quilt more fully covers a queen size bed, a queen size quilt covers a twin size bed, etc.

I like the traditional, homespun, country, colorful designs.  Although modern quilts with geometric or space-age designs or those made of t-shirts or other unconventional fabric are fine, I like the old-fashioned quilts, with patchwork or wedding ring or other classic patterns and designs.  I think they make a bed inviting and cozy.  They remind me of artisan quilts I've seen displayed in museums, old, colonial houses I've toured and historical bed and breakfasts I've stayed at.

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